Dating For Single Parents

Dating as a form of human relationship is both science and an art. Psychologists have studied human behavior when it comes to dating, and their discoveries and revelations have helped people in their search for companionship and love. Such tips and how to’s are very helpful for singles wanting to go out there and join the dating scene. However, even with these insights it can still be difficult and challenging for those who perhaps aren’t so single anymore.

Divorce has become a fast rising phenomenon in the last century. Many families no longer conform to the tradition of the nuclear family with two parents, as more and more couples break away from each other despite having children to take care of. Reasons such as being incompatible, unresolved conflicts, affairs etc are often the root causes of divorce. Being a lone parent the crucial challenge comes in taking care of children by oneself. Whilst some, maybe most single parents manage to raise their children alone, some single parents still have a strong urge they can’t ignore, that of finding a companion and maybe even love again.

Dating as a single parents is difficult because the person is already at a disadvantage – he or she already has children. Although some singles don’t mind and can be open minded, the majority of singles prefer to start their own family and not have an instant one. Seeing that you have children, it also means taking responsibility for the child of someone else. If you re-marry, your partner will have to share the responsibility of sending children to school, raising them and meeting their needs etc. That’s quite a lot of responsibility and emotional input given that your children aren’t your partner’s children. And in dating, your partner might want to enjoy your relationship first rather than jumping right away to the stage of caring for kids.

With the advent and growth of online dating, new specialized dating sites sprung up in response to the particular needs and backgrounds and interests of online daters, and as single parents have their own needs and identity so specialized dating for single parents sites came about.

The beauty of these sites is that the single parent knows that everyone else on that site is in the same position as him or her. They understand and know your situation, and unlike dating on a general dating site you know that if someone isn’t interested in you, it won’t be because you checked the children box on your profile page. Thus single parents can search, email, wink and IM in confidence knowing that he or she is generally on the same wavelength as the other dating members.