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Kinky dating niches for 2017

This year has been a busy year, with politics and technology making the most of the headlines across the world. The internet is slipping into our lives and turning to be an essential part of it, and it now covers a lot of activities that we used to do using older methods. Whether it is communicating with people, looking for a job or even ordering your shopping, there is less room for the traditional methods, and progress taking the lead. One aspect of life that has seen a massive change due to the internet is the concept of dating, and there are now so many different dating niches that it is worth taking a look at what is popular in 2017.

Adult and sex dating

The sex dating industry has exploded over the past few years, and it is only getting more popular. There are now so many sex dating sites that it makes it hard for us to choose which one to use. The tendency we are witnessing on those sites is that there are now more women using those sites than ever before, and that is just great news. For a long while the adult dating scene was one which was dominated by men, so it’s great to see that we are reaching towards a more equal proportion of different genders. If you’re looking for a naughty date, now is the best time!

Granny dating

This unusual niche comes as an extension of MILF dating. There has always been an interest in dating older women, and this new niche pushes it a few years beyond the cougar standards. It is really quite the special thing to get into, but it is not really that strange. Some people enjoy spending time with older people because of their experience, whilst others can be in need of a motherly figure. People now use sites like Granny Contacts for dating Grannies, and why not if that is something they want to do? Ultimately, love and sex are all very personal things, and some of us like what we like; why should we change?

Non-binary dating

Modern society is going through an identity revolution, and more people are finding that they cannot identify themselves as either male or female. We all have different chemistry in our bodies, with levels of hormones and testosterone varying between all individuals. It is important to recognise non-binary sexual orientation because it is not always something that people choose; and if people can find true happiness by moving away from the traditional genders then more power to them. Even traditional binary dating sites are now reacting and changing the model to include those new genders, and 2017 will be seen as the year where it all opened up.

Geek / nerd sex dating

We’ve already mentioned adult dating, but there are many different niches within that category, and the one that has seen an increased popularity is that for geeks and nerds. Those two terms evolved from being a way to call people who are too much into their computers and their sci-fi movies; and they are now representative of hugely popular cultures. It makes sense after all that people who have the same interests will attract each other more than people who are into different things. People who are alike attract each other and they make for better dating partners.

So here we go, those are just some of the dating trends for 2017, and we can expect a lot more coming in the future. The internet has taken over the dating worlds, and it is probably for the best! We hope you can find the niche that suits you best, and if it doesn’t exist yet then just wait, the future looks promising so singles in the future!