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How to organize group sex

So you’ve always wanted to have sex with multiple people. Maybe you want a threesome with two women, or maybe you want to have fun with your best buddy and another lady? Honestly this is not something that you can always just arrange, it really tends to happen when the opportunity arises. For example you and your friend could be walking back with a girl after a night out, and whilst unplanned, things lead from one thing to another. Still, how do you get this to work, and are there any things you can do to arrange the transition from ‘three horny people in a room’ to ‘three horny people having sex together’?

An opportunistic threesome

Crazy things happen when you’re on a night out, and those are the moments where people like to experiment; especially after a few drinks. If you go to a nightclub just to have a threesome, it is most likely not going to happen. However if you’re on a night out having a good time with your friends, then events can naturally take place which can lead to some naught discoveries. Ever been the third wheelwhen you follow your friend back whilst he’s scoring with a chick? You feel quite bored and left out, but what if instead of just sitting there saying nothing you actually start directing the conversation towards threesomes. Bring it in delicately, and you might find that the girl gets really excited. Sure your friend might feel a little odd, but they will understand once you explain it to them. So your best bet if you are in a situation with a couple of people is to cleverly make suggestions, it works way better than saying nothing!

An organized threesome

Okay so maybe you want to keep your friends out of it, and you’re not a big nightlife person. In that case, your best bet is to go online and… you’ve guessed it, check out adult sex dating sites. You will be amazed to see how many people are out there looking for sex. In fact, you’ll be able to limit your search to local bangs so that you won’t have to travel too far to meet with your partner(s). Just find your local slag on You will need to create your profile and take a look at the other members on the site. When you feel a little more confident you can start sending messages saying that you are looking to have sex with more than one person. Wait a bit, and if you don’t get replies then message other people, take your time to chat with them and see how things go.

So you want a sex party?

Of course group sex doesn’t always take the form of a threesome, it can actually widen in scope and become a fully-fledged orgy. Sex parties are renowned for having large groups of people getting it on, but the truth is that those parties are difficult to get invited to. You need to be part of a community, might it be swingers or others. So take your time to meet people online, go through your sexual journey and over time you will start making connections in the sex world. Just remember that it won’t happen overnight, you will need to be patient, meet the people and learn all the rules. As long as you are discreet, clean and respectful, people will appreciate you over-time and you stand chances of being noticed in a good way. Once you’re part of a sex community, you will just have to put in the effort too, it’s as much about giving as it is taking.